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Are you the next “special one”? Goal Revolution is your chance to become a top virtual football manager and raise your club net-worth through your skills and instincts! All virtual players in Goal Revolution are one-of-a-kind and can be traded with other users for real-money.

Help us build Goal Revolution by playing the Early Access version. This is a restricted launch to help us test our server infrastructure and core game mechanics, and many of the features that will be present in the final game are not included in this release.


This is an 'Early Access' release and as such we expect the game to not work perfectly. The game servers may go down at any moment. You may be kicked out of the game without warning. You may lose your team and your players permanently. We will not provide any refunds for items lost as a result of game malfunction. We cannot guarantee that your team and players will be carried over to the full release.

The full Terms and Conditions for this Beta release and the General Terms and Conditions for Goal Revolution are below these lines. Upon opening the Beta version of the game, you will be obliged to accept these terms and conditions in order to play.




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How do I play Goal Revolution Early Access?

Check out our video tutorials! Upon opening the game for the first time you will see the Help menu displayed by default - swipe/scroll left and right to go through the different sections. You can access the Help menu at any time by tapping/clicking on the ‘i’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Can I play on iOS?

While Goal Revolution already works great on iOS in the office, at the moment during the Technical Beta we are only supporting Android.

How do I get more players for my team?

In the mobile version, you can buy players using in-app-purchases. In the Desktop version you can buy players from other users at auction, and maybe find a bargain!

How do I sell my players?

Goal Revolution Technical Beta allows you to trade your team’s players with other users, for real money; unfortunately, app store restrictions mean that this feature is currently only available in the Mac/Windows/Linux versions of the game.


If you are playing on mobile and want to sell your players, export your profile (Settings->Export), download the desktop version, and login there. Your team and players will be exactly the same, but you will be able to put them up for auction, and sell them for real money!

Buying players: how do I know that what I buy is secure?

If you buy players in the mobile game, you will pay the same way you pay for anything in an App, via the In-App-Purchase native to the platform. When you buy and sell a player on the Windows/Mac/Linux version, you are buying DIRECTLY from another user, via a payment portal supplied by our partners Marketpay. Upon receiving confirmation that you have paid the seller, we transfer the player in question from their account to yours.

Selling players: how do I receive my money?

If you have sold a player via the auction system on Windows/Mac/Linux, congratulations! When an auction has finished, click on the Withdraw button for that auction entry to be redirected to our secure payment portal, provided by Marketpay. There, you will be asked to provide a bank account number, and the money will be deposited directly - although please allow two working days for it to appear in your account. Freeverse charges a 6% commission on the price of each player sold.

I’ve logged out and lost my key/password, can you reset it for me?

No, this is not possible. Your team and players are associated with a ‘private key’, which is stored on your device. You can export this key in the game (got Settings->Export), encrypting it with a password, and saving it anywhere you like. At no point do we store or even see your key/password, so it is impossible for us to supply you with a new one. If you lose your key and password, you will lose your team and players FOREVER!

Can I earn money just by playing then?

Yes, you can! In the Desktop version, you can sell any player at the value agreed during the auction. If that value is higher than what you bought the player for, congratulations, you made a profit!

Isn’t that gambling?

No. We have watertight legal advice stating that, as the value of your players is decided by the market, and is based on their abilities, and that those abilities are decided by how you play the game (i.e. it is a game of skill), then Goal Revolution is not considered gambling. Please refer to our full terms and conditions for more information##.

Will I get to keep the team/players/league position from the Technical Beta version in the full version?

We will do our utmost to ensure that your hard work playing Goal Revolution Technical Beta gets transferred over to the full game. However, Beta versions are inherently stable, so we can’t guarantee that you’ll keep your assets in the full game.

Hey! The game kicked me out and I have to create a new team with new players! Can I have my old team and players back?

While this is unlikely to happen, Beta versions are inherently unstable and it’s possible that the ‘universe’ crashes and we have to do a reset. If this happens, regrettably all users will lose their team and their players; for which we apologise. According to the terms and conditions of the Early Access version (see link above), we are not liable for any losses caused.

Can I get a refund for any money I’ve spent in the game?

No, sorry. According to the terms and conditions of the Early Access version (see link above), which you must agree to the first time you open the game, we are not liable for any losses caused.

¿Por qué el juego no está disponible en español? Per què el joc no está disponible al català?

While Goal Revolution is proudly developed by an international team based in Barcelona, and in the future will be available in a wide range of languages, in order to maximise our testing user base, the Early Access version is only available in English.

What can I expect to see in the final game?

We are working on several great features that will make it into the full game:

  • A 'First Time User Experience' to guide new players.

  • Custom 'friendly' leagues, set up your own leagues and play against your friends!

  • Trainers to improve specific skills of your players.

  • Boosters to help your players recover quicker.

  • Options for customisation of your team, kit and stadium.

  • New features to manage your team even more effectively.

  • Purchase and trading of players for in-game currency.

  • Game rewards.

  • Life-time visualisation progress of your players

  • Re-design training page: more visual & functional.

  • An improved 3D visualisation of matches.

Hey, I’ve got a great idea for a new feature! How do I let you know about it?

That’s great! Post on our Facebook group, or write us an email

When is the full version of the game going to be released?

Provisionally, in the Winter of 2020.



Carrer d'Àlaba 61, 5ª Planta

08005 Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 650 777 398

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